Clarence - Vocals & Guitar

Clarence’s Page

Clarence is Downbeat Project’s songwriter and front man. Introduced to music at a young age on various instruments, Clarence eventually landed on guitar and songwriting. When asked, “What is the inspiration behind your music?”, Green responds,  “I always felt like music has been a big piece of the large puzzle of life for me.  Being from a mixed background, I never really felt I fit in. I guess most of us dealt with peer pressure and mean kids growing up, but music always left me feeling better about life. Music and I fit.”

Beginning his songwriting amidst the birth of Charlottesville’s Pop music scene, Clarence recalls sneaking out to see bands at Trax, a former hot spot for live music in Charlottesville, VA. “I remember seeing the Dave Matthews Band Tuesday nights, Agents of Good Roots, and G Love & Special Sauce rock Trax all the time. And even though I’ve always been into mostly pop (music), seeing those bands really opened my eyes to more possibilities of what pop could be.”

“My musical tastes are a lot like my family’s heritage and culture, all mixed up.” Clarence says.  His blend of pop, hip-hop beats, reggae, rock, and soul continues to fuel his musical expressions. “Good music is good music.  If when you listen it makes you feel something good, then it’s undeniable, and that’s what makes the music good.”